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Deadline approaches for Raleigh city manager applicants


Candidates for the Raleigh city manager post have until Saturday to get their applications submitted. City council members are already looking ahead to the interview process.

The council held what will be one of its final public meetings on the process Monday. It’s now finalizing the set of questions to be used in interviews, with each council member submitting questions. Here’s a look at where they’ll go from here:

Sept. 6: Council members will receive a confidential binder filled with application materials. By early last week, 31 applications had been submitted, and the final number of candidates will likely be higher. The council won’t have to review all the applications; the search firm will weed out the less qualified.

Sept. 12: Headhunter John Anzivino of the search firm Springsted will meet with the council to narrow down candidates for interviews.

Mid to late September: Candidates selected for interviews will be flown to Raleigh to meet with the council in a secret location. In addition to standard interview questions, the candidates will have a written assignment to test their non-verbal communication skills. They’ll also participate in a role-playing exercise to show how they’d handle an emergency situation like a natural disaster. Council members jokingly suggested a “zombie apocalypse.”

Oct. 1: Self-imposed deadline for council to select the next city manager. With municipal elections the following week, they don’t want a lame-duck council to make the hire.