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Oh, that ‘s word’

When my 8-year-old son came home from playing with his friends the other day, I immediately spotted a guilty look on his face.

I tried to get it out of him, but being a man-in-training, he successfully made a quick escape without revealing any information. I only had to ponder what he had done for a few minutes, because my daughter ran through the front door and was more than happy to share with me.

“Trevor said the s word,” she announced, full of glee. I was a bit taken aback because I didn’t know he knew the “s word,” and I was even more surprised that he would use it. Laurel continued to excitedly give me a blow-by-blow description of how Trevor got mad at a friend and called him the taboo word.

When I found Trevor a few minutes later, I calmly explained to him that it was a bad word that he should never use again and talked about other ways to handle frustration. I then told him that he needed to go tell his friend that he was sorry.

When I finished, he looked at me with his big, brown, sad eyes and promised me that he would never call anyone “stupid” again.

Oh, it was that “s word.”

I tried to hold back my giggles because I had always told my kids that “stupid” was a word we didn’t use.

And I said a silent thank you that my kids are still little enough to think “stupid” is the “s word.”