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‘Eclectic’ design full of love

While experiencing writer’s block, I decide to waste some time taking an online quiz to find out my decorating style.

After answering seemingly endless questions about my current household décor, I was a bit surprised when the computer declared my style as “Eclectic.” As I looked around my house, I realized that what the computer picked up on as eclectic is probably more accurately described as “House with Kids.”

While my house is usually neat and most of the time is clean, there is no hiding that small people live under my roof. Alongside pottery collected from our travels, my office is decorated with several somewhat lopsided coil pots painted sparkly pink and a very unique looking handmade clay bird named “Bob.” And my mouse pad is actually a piece of cardboard decorated with alternating zebra and cheetah duct tape lovingly made for me by my 10-year-old daughter.

A blanket fort filled with stuffed animals is currently in the middle of my living room. Our walls often look like an art gallery because Laurel has a habit of hanging up her latest designs. And if you ever need a spare Pokémon card, you can usually find one in any corner of the house.

I know that one day my decorating style will no longer be early childhood, and my house will be a lot quieter. But for now there is no centerpiece I would rather have on my formal dining room table than an elaborate city built out of colorful Legos.