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Being a mom not easily left behind

All weekend I kept having a nagging feeling that I was forgetting something. Then I would remember that my kids were home in Wake Forest with my husband while I was visiting my sister in Florida. I had a 48-hour reprieve from my mom duties, but I quickly realized that being a mom isn’t something you can just turn off.

Every time I crossed a street, I instinctively stuck my hand out to keep my kids, who weren’t with me, from walking into traffic. I kept opening the back door to the rental car throughout the weekend to help them into the car. And as hard as I tried to sleep in, I found myself waking up at dawn from years of being awakened by my early rising daughter. However, I am happy to report that I resisted the urge to cut the food of my dining companions.

I have to admit, it was wonderful to be able to fall back asleep every morning.

I read almost an entire book on the airplane because I didn’t need to entertain any pint-sized traveling companions. I enjoyed a long leisurely dinner at a fancy restaurant with my parents instead of worrying about the kids disturbing others or how much I was going to have to pay the babysitter when I got home.

And the best part was walking through my front door Sunday afternoon and getting huge welcome home hugs from Laurel and Trevor.