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School Notes

Stough fourth-graders raise $350 for Haiti

The fourth-grade classes of Stough Elementary School led a fundraiser to help people in Haiti. The students raised $350 in four days. Fourth-grade teacher Amy Crow traveled to Haiti with a team and used the money to buy vitamins, bedding and water filtration systems.

Durant class teaches about juvenile arthritis

Sandra Willey’s 4th grade class from Durant Road Elementary School researched, advertised, planned and executed a fundraising project to increase awareness of juvenile arthritis. The 28 students became interested in juvenile arthritis when they discovered that the first-grade brother of one of their classmates had recently been diagnosed. The students were surprised to learn that children can get arthritis too. They researched all about arthritis, created advertisements using Voicethread, pitched their ads over the televised school morning announcements and made “bling bands” to sell to raise money and awareness for the Arthritis Foundation. The culminating event was a schoolwide Walk for Juvenile Arthritis held on the school track June 26. More than 250 students, faculty, family and friends walked to support the cause. Grace Danuck of the Arthritis Foundation and 10-year-old Hava Collins, the recent arthritis honoree from the Triangle, participated in the walk and were on hand to accept the donations on behalf of the Arthritis Foundation. Willey’s students raised $270 and experienced the immense satisfaction of giving back to their community.

Assistant principal gets ride of his life

On the last day of school at Martin Middle, Assistant Principal Chris Cox arrived in a Ferrari 458. Several moms from the eighth grade graduating class – Jonna Lee Maurer, Cheryl Wilson and Stephanie Mosley – organized a surprise pickup at 6:30 a.m. at Cox’s home. The moms wanted to show their appreciation to Cox for three years of excellent leadership, as Cox has been with the graduating class since sixth grade. Martin Middle’s new principal, Diann Kearney, was excited to share in Cox’s special day.