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Pet of the Week: Harper

Get to know him: Harper is a playful and energetic puppy available through Best Friend Pet Adoption. He has learned to fetch and to follow a few commands. He even has a trademark acrobatic move: He does somersaults while playing with a bigger stuffed animal or his blanket. Harper weighs about 35 pounds and was born in December. He would be great in a home with kids or other young dogs as playmates. Harper and our cat are equally curious of each other and tend to keep their distances from each other. Because Harper is still a puppy, it’s a good idea to keep shoes and other “non-toys” in a safe place! While playing he can get overexcited and nip at his toys, but it’s not out of aggression – he’s just still learning his puppy manners. Harper is crate-trained and almost housebroken. In the evening, Harper will cuddle up on the couch and after his final potty break for the night he willingly goes into his crate and sleeps through the night. Harper is neutered, microchipped and current on all vaccinations and preventative medicines.

For more information: Best Friend Pet Adoption posts all available animals on its website, www.bfpa.org. The group also can be contacted at 919-661-1722 or adoption@bfpa.org.