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Phase 3 of biweekly recycling starts in September

City residents who received blue recycling roll carts from the city this summer shouldn’t use them yet.

In July, the city began delivering the 95-gallon roll carts to about 30,000 households in zones scattered around the city. But crews will not begin emptying them until after Labor Day, Raleigh officials said.

That’s because the city wants to distribute all the carts in each zone before changing to the new system. Trucks can deliver about 1,000 carts per day.

In the interim, the city asks residents to continue using the smaller green recycling bins.

This is the third phase of the city’s switch to biweekly recycling. The final phase will be completed next year when 30,000 to 35,000 households receive carts.

Calendars with the new biweekly recycling schedule were mailed to residents.

To get a new calendar, call the city at 919-996-6890 or download a copy at raleighnc.gov.

Residents are encouraged to keep the green recycling bins for use inside their homes. Unwanted or broken green recycling bins can be dropped off at any Raleigh fire station through September.

Old recycling bins also can be dropped off any time at the city’s Wilder’s Grove Solid Waste Services Operations Center, at 630 Beacon Lake Drive, or the city’s Yard Waste Center, 900 N. New Hope Road.

Matt Garfield