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Song a reminder of Mom

I wiped a tear from my eye as I read the news that singer Andy Williams died recently. It wasn’t that I knew him personally or even was a particular fan of his music. But his song “Moon River” is the one song on this earth that is guaranteed to make me smile.

Each night as I was trying to fall asleep as a child, my mom would sing “Moon River” to me. And when I scraped my knees or caught a cold, my mom soothed me with the familiar tune. No matter what was wrong, her singing always made me feel loved and safe as she rocked me in my dark bedroom.

Even now, whenever I hear “Moon River” playing in the grocery store, over an elevator speaker or while flipping through radio stations, I think of my mom and how much she loves me. She actually has no idea how many impromptu phone calls I have made to her over the years simply because I heard the beloved song.

As I closed the newspaper, I thought about all of the songs, sayings and places that I share with my children and wondered what will make Laurel and Trevor think of me and smile 40 years from now. As parents, we just never know what we do, say or sing that will have a lasting impact on our little ones.

Thank you Andy Williams for sharing such a beautiful song with us. And thank you, Mom, for singing it to me.

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