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Kids’ sports add more than they subtract

I let out a loud groan several years ago when Laurel and Trevor began handing me their various sports practice and game schedules. It hit me that with two kids on different teams, we would spend most of our weekends and evenings on practice fields and sidelines.

As I glanced through the dates and times, I couldn’t figure out how we would fit in our cherished family dinners or even have time to hang out with our friends during the season. And to some degree, my worries were true. Each fall and spring, our lives tend to revolve largely around the kids’ sports teams.

While many days it’s a struggle to get everyone at the dinner table at the same time, what I didn’t realize then was how many good friends we would make – both kids and parents – on the teams.

We cheer for each other’s kids when they make a great play and cheer even louder when they drop a pass or miss a goal. We generously share sunscreen, snacks and precious spots in the shade. And I’ve become close friends with many people that I most likely would never have met if our kids hadn’t worn matching jerseys for a season.

So our kids’ sports teams have not so much overtaken our lives, as they have become a part of our lives that I love and look forward to. And maybe one of these days, I’ll actually figure out a solution to the dinnertime dilemma.

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