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Improving lives, one reader at a time

Mission: The Literacy Council of Wake County combats illiteracy, a problem that can keep people in poverty and, with limited other options for income, increase the crime rate. It serves about 600 adults and 140 children at any given time.

“I love the idea that we can help these people improve their lives,” said executive director Laura Walters. “If you can’t read, that has a huge impact on your life.”

Walters said frequent problems facing the illiterate can include things as basic and potentially dangerous as misreading prescription instructions or getting lost because they cannot read a map.

“You get to see fast results, and it’s exciting to see that,” Walters said of her group’s literacy efforts.

Tutors help participants in what Walters said is a “pre-GED” program designed to help those furthest behind the curve, and a busy jobs services center helps people get resumes in order and find job opportunities. Here’s a closer look at the Literacy Council of Wake County’s needs this holiday season.

Donations needed: One-inch, plain, three-ring binders; standard office supplies, including copier paper and colored paper for brochures, envelopes, and whiteboard markers

Volunteers needed: Tutors for the adult education program and for the Juvenile Literacy Center. Both programs provide one-on-one tutoring to help students improve their reading and writing skills.

$10 would buy: Flashcards and other teaching tools that students and tutors can use in their lessons.

$20 would buy: Fifteen binders to create tutor training and other support materials for volunteers

$50 would buy: Much-needed workbooks and curricula that students and tutors can use in their tutoring lessons.

Contact information: Nora Casper, 919-787-5559

916 W. Morgan St.

Raleigh, N.C. 27603