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Second Chance rescues 14 dogs from hoarding

Second Chance Pet Adoptions has taken in 14 dogs from a hoarding situation in Johnston County.

All of the dogs had skin infections, were covered with fleas and suffered from severe dental disease.

“One dog had a total of 12 extractions,” said Allison Paris, the nonprofit’s dog coordinator.

A dog named Mylie had to be taken straight to the emergency room and has spent days in the hospital. Her vet bill so far: almost $2,000.

As the dogs’ bills are adding up, the rescue group has put out a plea for donations. The goal is $5,000.

Until they are ready to be adopted, the dogs have been placed in foster homes. The group had to scramble to place so many dogs at once, Paris said.

None of them were spayed or neutered, and many of them are still being house-trained. Most are corgi or rat terrier mixes. From staff reports