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New-mom friends bond forever

I recently drove by a group of moms with little ones in strollers and immediately thought of the many afternoons I spent walking with my two friends and their newborns.

We were all first-time moms, lived on the same street and had babies born within 16 days of each other.

Every afternoon, we would meet outside and head for a walk together. While we claimed the walk was exercise, we certainly didn’t move very fast. Every few mailboxes we had to stop to pick up a dropped binky, and at least one baby was usually crying. And on many occasions one of us moms shed a few tears as well.

During the 1.6 miles we covered every day, we talked about everything from how tired we were from the baby waking up every hour the night before to giving tips on which store had diapers on sale that week.

But the underlying theme was how being a mom was a lot harder than we ever expected. Having someone to talk to who was also trying to figure out her new role as mom made us all feel a lot more normal. And having a reason to get out of the house every day was an added bonus.

While I no longer see my two friends on a daily basis, I think of them often. I think that those friends who go through the exhausting new baby days with us always hold a special place in our hearts. I know that my two friends do.