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Busy days make a full minivan

When my kids were toddlers, I tried to make sure we had a reason to get out of the house every day – a trip to the park, a play date or even just going to the grocery store to pick up some milk.

Staying at home all day with two kids under the age of 3 was a recipe for two bored children and an exhausted mom. A trip out into the real world provided a change of scenery for the kids and some grownup interaction for me.

But these days, I find myself in the complete opposite situation. In fact, it often seems like my car is our second home.

School days are spent rushing to soccer practice while hoping I haven’t forgotten about a school event that night, or making sure I have Laurel’s Girl Scout uniform so we can drop her off at her meeting on the way home.

Weekends require a battle plan to figure out how to get everyone to their various sports games, meetings and birthday parties, often all starting at the same time.

So whenever the opportunity presents itself, we relish our time at home, and I even find myself making excuses to not to go out into the real world.

But all this juggling has definitely improved my organizational skills. If you ever need a spare soccer ball, snacks, lawn chair or some boys size 8 black gym shorts, just ask. I’m sure I will have what you need stashed somewhere in my minivan.