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City Hall action at your fingertips

Miss a recent meeting of the city’s parks and recreation board? Catch up on the action through your smart phone or mobile device.

The city will spend $6,600 for new equipment to provide streaming video of meetings of the City Council and a host of committees, boards and commissions. The service will be available starting in July, pending final budget approval.

The idea came from the City Council’s technology and communications committee, which has sought ways to make local government more accessible.

The new feature, which involves upgrading two video encoders, will only be available in the council chambers at City Hall, meaning groups that meet in other venues will have to come downtown to use the service.

So far, three citizens group have agreed to move, including the bicycle and pedestrian advisory commission, the passenger rail task force and the appearance commission, said Jayne Kirkpatrick, the city’s public affairs director.

Many meetings are already televised on RTN 11, the city’s government access channel.