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Never too old to enjoy Easter eggs

When I found out I was going to be a mom, one of the many things I was excited about was getting to dye Easter eggs with my kids. I told everyone that I couldn’t wait to share one of my favorite traditions with my little ones, but in reality I was looking forward to dyeing eggs myself after all these years.

On Laurel’s first Easter, I put her infant seat next to the table so that she could “watch me” dye eggs just for her.

And the next year, she sat in her high chair smashing boiled eggs and painting herself with dye while I created Easter masterpieces “for her” to enjoy. Now that the kids are bigger, I have fun showing them my favorite technique of writing secret messages on eggs in white crayon and making multicolored eggs. They pretend to be interested and then go about their mission of trying to make as big a mess as possible.

But last year, the kids complained that I decorated too many of their eggs, and they made a new house rule that I had to buy extra eggs for myself. I will admit that I am secretly thrilled about the prospect of decorating a whole dozen eggs any way I want. One of these days, my kids will declare that they are too old for eggs, but I am holding out hope that I can find a friend’s kid to “borrow.” I will even clean up the mess and buy all the eggs.