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That after-Easter smell

Easter is one of my favorite days of the year. I love seeing Laurel and Trevor’s faces as they dig through their Easter baskets and later watching them hunt for plastic eggs. And in the name of healthy eating for my kids, I get to spend the day snacking on their candy when they aren’t looking.

But after the holiday, I always have the dilemma of what to do with our many brightly colored, hard-boiled eggs. While the April magazines are full of egg recipes, I just can’t bring myself to serve egg salad with a purple tint. And at some point, the eggs just start to give off a strange smell.

I have tried throwing the eggs away while the kids are at school. I have asked the kids to help me take the eggs to the trash. One year I even deluded myself into thinking that the kids wouldn’t notice if I got rid of a few eggs each day until they were all gone.

But all my efforts have ended in tears. Last year, my kids even started sleeping with their eggs so I wouldn’t throw them away during the night.

This year I am trying a new approach. I am just going to keep the eggs until the kids move on to another project and then make a stealth disposal. But based on my kids’ love for their eggs, there is a good chance the eggs will still be in our fridge in May.

Or at least until they start to smell.