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Raleigh manager Allen gets 2 percent raise

City Manager Russell Allen got a 2 percent pay raise and a one-year contract extension as part of an annual performance review by his bosses on the City Council.

The raise brings Allen’s salary to $224,400, from $220,000.

In addition, Allen will be allowed to accrue up to five more vacation days, from 120 to 125, if he does not take those days during the year.

The changes came after a closed-door evaluation of Allen, 59, who oversees 3,200 employees as the city’s top unelected official.

The one-year extension continues a practice begun by former Mayor Charles Meeker.

Allen did not get a base pay raise last year. In explaining the decision, Meeker cited the slow economy and the city’s strained budget.

City employees also did not get pay raises but instead received one-time $500 bonuses.

In an annual preview of the budget on Monday, Allen said he hopes to set aside $3 million, or 2 percent of the city’s personnel budget, to allow for a merit-based pay adjustment for employees.

But Allen cautioned it’s too soon to say for sure whether merit raises will be possible.

“I’d like to build something back in that we could start having employee salaries go back up,” Allen said in an interview. “I am working hard to try to do that.”

The City Council hired Allen in 2001 to succeed Dempsey Benton, who served as manager for 17 years.