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Interfaith ministry helps people find their own spiritual understanding – Turchetti

Sanctuary: Interfaith Spiritual Care in Raleigh is a ministry that is centered on ancient and innovative healing arts. The owner, the Rev. Kathie McCutcheon, is an interfaith minister.

“Interfaith ministers are unique as they are educated and equipped to minister to people from all faith traditions, spiritual or secular paths,” McCutcheon said. “They are respectful and curious about each person’s unique spiritual experience and religious understanding.”

Without adhering to any particular faith or denomination, McCutcheon says she uses listening, presence and compassion to help people discover their own spiritual and religious understanding of life. And like most ministers, she also supports people in times of crisis and suffering while also assisting with life’s rituals and transitions at events like weddings and baby blessings. Sanctuary: Spiritual Care also serves as a spiritual coach for individuals.

“One-on-one spiritual care makes a difference in someone’s life because it gives them the time and space to deeply relax, let their guard down, and in a nonjudgmental and accepting companionship, tend to their spirits and souls,” McCutcheon said. “It is a time to process their experiences, to assess whether they are acting in congruence with their life vision and to sort out their religious and spiritual questions.”

McCutcheon employs ancient healing arts during spiritual journeys.

“In our fast-paced, technology-driven world it is easy to get disconnected from ourselves, from our loved ones, from our communities, from the Earth and to live in a very unbalanced, unhealthy way. Our ancient traditions help to both keep us rooted in this life and to expand our perspective to a few greater than ourselves.”

McCutcheon practices Reiki, hands-on healing that addresses physical, emotional and spiritual concerns, as well as the ancient path of healing called “Tree of Life” – a map of psychological and spiritual development based on ancient Kabbalistic wisdom.

“It is vitally important for humans to tend to their spirits and souls,” McCutcheon said. “One cannot always be giving, but must also receive. To work for a better world for all beings one must also nurture, replenish and renew their own spirits and souls. There must be a balance between the inner and the outer work of life.”

Book sale

The Book Study Group at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church is having a book sale from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. Saturday. The sale features books from all genres, with titles for both children and adults. All donations from the book sale will support orphan children of Mnene Parish in Zimbabwe, a group that the church has supported for many years. Good Shepherd Lutheran is at 7000 Creedmoor Road, Raleigh.


Also at Good Shepherd Lutheran Church, the monthly Coffeehouse Ministry takes place from 7 to 8:30 p.m. Friday. Coffeehouse is an outreach that provides entertainment, refreshments and fellowship, with a big side of music and dancing, for adults of all abilities. Two hundred guests each month attend this event, which is produced by volunteers. The featured entertainment in February is Greg Glover and the Engraved Band. This band plays contemporary Christian music and is made up of lay people who are volunteers in their home churches. If you can volunteer to help with this special evening, email coffeehouse@gslchurch.org.