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Wakefield boys tennis bests ailing Millbrook team

Defending state champion Millbrook trailed Wakefield Thursday when the match between two of the area’s top boys tennis teams was called due to rain. Millbrook had already canceled two matches this year due to rain, and it was later decided that the match would be concluded as it stood, giving Wakefield a 6-0 win.

Wakefield led by three points and was ahead in the other singles matches when the contest was called.

“Millbrook was down a couple of guys, but I was really happy with how my guys came out and played hard and didn’t let them in the match,” Wakefield coach Ken Stewart said.

Despite the result, first-year Millbrook coach Craig Isdahl was confident in the talent of the team.

Millbrook was ranked in the preseason to continue its dominance as a one of the top teams in the state, but this season has been a test of the Wildcats’ depth due to injuries to its top three players: John Karlawish, Logan Weber, and Austin Cobb. Wakefield was also projected to be a top program.

“[When all players are healthy], we have some points coming our way,” Isdahl said. “I’ll take that all day long. ... We’re playing the whole year so far with our four guy in the number one spot. Everybody knows that we’re a totally different team.”

Karlawish, the Wildcats’ top player, has a pulled muscle in his shoulder and is expected to return in 1-2 weeks.

“We’re going to have a good battle with Wakefield, assuming we’re healthy and they’re healthy,” Isdahl said looking forward. “It’s going to be a good battle.”

The two teams are scheduled to play at Wakefield on April 8.