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Broughton is pursuing big prize in Under Armour competition.

Broughton’s athletics program is trying to win more than $140,000 in equipment and uniforms in the Under Armour “Finding Undeniable” Athletics Competition.

The contest is an unusual one, because the points system is based on a series of challenges, unusual things. The mascot doing pushups. A banner headline. Sports gear design. Winning athlete of the week honors. Having a pregame tradition.

The school gets points for being on television or for having a story written about the competition. Current and professional athletes can provide points by tweeting the school’s contest site - http://findingundeniable.com/school/needham-broughton-high-school/

Boys lacrosse coach Damian Hall has led the school’s effort to knock off item after item and the Caps currently hold fifth place in the national contest. The top four finishers and four wild-card selections will advance to head-to-head challenge competition with the champ being crowned on Jan. 4 at the Under Armour all-star football game.