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Wildcats enjoyed pep rally

Each player on Millbrook’s girls’ basketball team received a flower and a standing ovation Friday afternoon inside the school’s gym.

Administrators, teachers and students all cheered on the Wildcats in the school’s second-ever pep rally not centered on homecoming.

“I felt happy that we have received the recognition,” guard Brianna Hinton said. “It means a lot to know your friends and the faculty are behind you.”

Chris East, the coach for the last 15 years, recorded the event with his camcorder.

“I wanted to make sure the girls have a chance to see this again,” East said.

Saturdays’ game was essentially a home game for Millbrook since the school is nine miles away from Reynolds Coliseum.

“It was great to see the support we had (at the pep rally),” East said.

The school’s band, cheerleaders and dancers all performed as well, which brought smiles to the team.

“A lot of the guys were with us the whole way this season,” said guard Courtney Best.

The event centered on a three-point shooting competition between the Wildcats and a group of teachers.

Hinton, along with guards Mykia Jones, Katelyn Mitchell and Alex Tomlinson, beat the teachers with ease in seeing who could make 10 3-pointers first. Before the event ended, the Wildcats were asked to speak. Hinton was the player who gave the Wildcats’ message to the crowd.

“We need support from everyone!” Hinton said to the crowd.