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Caps settle down to beat Eagles

The halftime speech was a similar one for Broughton’s boys lacrosse team. The Caps didn’t play well in the first half at home against Enloe. Midfielder Dane Angell knew it. So did backup goalkeeper Paxton Massarelli.

Coach Damian Hall told his Caps they needed to make better passes and stop playing individually. Then, to the surprise of the Caps, starting goalkeeper Austen Johnson, who didn’t play Friday night because of disciplinarily reasons, gave his teammates a message.

“He just really said it was killing him how we were playing and how he couldn’t be out there to help us,” Angell said of Johnson. “He really inspired us by just telling us that.”Broughton played inspired in the second half, scoring five consecutive goals to power past the Eagles for a 12-9 victory.

Midfielder Cameron Gilchrist gave the Caps the lead with a goal in the first minute of the second half.

Then, midfielder Brock Martin found attacker Davis Weaver, who bounced his shot of the ground and into the net.

“Enloe is a rivalry game, and you can never come out flat for a game like that,” Hall said. “There is a lot going on and I needed to motivate the guys.”

In the second half, the Caps started to win possession of the ball.

“To be honest, we’ve played most of our games like this,” Angell said. “In the second half we always pick it up somehow I will give (Hall) a lot of credit.”

Angell gave Broughton momentum by stealing the ball from an Eagle. Angell scooped up the ball and ran more than 30 yards before finding the back of the net.

He also made an impressive assists to Weaver to end the third quarter.

“I trust Davis, and he’s a really good player,” Angell said of Weaver. “I would say he’s extremely important to our momentum.”

Another player who needed to have a better performance in the second half was Massarelli. With Johnson out, Massarelli played his first full game in goal.

Massarelli struggled early, including him giving up an own goal that allowed Enloe (3-3) to tie the game in the first quarter.

“I was really nervous to start the game,” Massarelli said. “That one goal really got me worried, but I was able to get back in the game.”

Massarelli was instrumental in Broughton (5-1) taking control of the game.

He recorded nine saves in the game. Five of the saves came in the third quarter, which helped the Caps created their comfortable lead.

“He played great and we really couldn’t ask more from him,” Angell said of Massarelli.

Hall agreed.

“We had to protect Paxton a little bit, and I think it took us a while to get going,” he said. “He made three big saves in the third quarter. With a lot of goalies, once you get a couple saves, that gets you on a roll. That makes a big difference.”

Although Johnson couldn’t play in the rivalry game, Massarelli was glad his teammate was on the sideline and with him at halftime.

“I really look up to (Johnson) and he’s really helped me stay calm,” Massarelli said. “I think we as a team are progressing.”