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Wakefield Elementary could change to traditional calendar

Wake County school officials are considering options to boost enrollment at Wakefield Elementary School, including moving the school from a year-round to a traditional 10-month calendar.

Enrollment at the elementary school fell from 831 students during the 2009-10 school year to 672 last year. Wakefield’s capacity is 742, with five temporary classrooms.

Schools that use a year-round calendar can enroll more students than a traditional calendar school by creating four staggered tracks that rotate students through nine weeks of school, followed by three weeks of break.

Wakefield is not using the extra space provided by the year-round calendar.

If Wakefield were to make the switch, families would have the option to request a school change to stay on the year-round calendar. Their year-round option would be Durant Elementary.

Wakefield Middle school already runs on the traditional calendar.

At a committee recent meeting, school board members favored the calendar change for Wakefield, according to a news release.

The next school board discussion on the topic is expected Sept. 2, with a decision likely by Sept. 16.

The school system is soliciting comments about the proposal online and expects to announce further opportunities to learn about the options and comment in person soon.

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