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Raleigh says paper clog caused another sewage spill

For the second time in a week, tens of thousands of gallons of sewage have spilled from a pipe that became clogged with a build-up of paper products, according to Raleigh Public Utilities Department.

The city was notified of a sewer overflow behind the State Bureau of Investigation building off East Tryon Road at about noon Tuesday.

City officials estimate the overflow had been occurring for about 3 days and that an estimated 64,800 gallons of sewage spilled. About 15,000 gallons of that reached Wildcat Branch.

Workers had controlled the spill by 1 p.m. and completed the cleanup by evening, according to the city.

Another clog discovered last Monday spilled an estimated 38,400 gallons of sewage near the Cloverdale subdivision off West Garner Road, according to the Public Utilities Department. About 10,000 gallons of the spilled sewage reached an unnamed tributary of Big Branch South, according to the city.

In both cases, the clogs were caused by paper products that had built up in 8-inch diameter pipes, city officials say.

Raleigh officials say paper products other than toilet paper are a common source of clogged sewer lines, because the paper doesn’t disintegrate. The city’s policy is that only water, human waste and toilet tissue are permitted in the sewer system.