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Boylan Heights greenway will link major city projects

A new trail through Boylan Heights could connect some of the biggest city projects that are expected to take shape in the coming years.

The Rosengarten Greenway, a 10-foot-wide multi-use path, would run from just west of the intersection of West Cabarrus and South Saunders streets to just south of Western Boulevard.

In the north, the trail would be within easy walking distance of the Union Station transit center, which is in the planning process. In the south, it would connect to the Rocky Branch greenway trail, which runs along the Dorothea Dix property, where city officials want to build a park.

Todd Milam, a city greenway planner, said the trail would also provide an important link to Boylan Heights and downtown.

“The area there has certainly grown, and downtown is growing, so this will just provide one more connection,” he said.

Design work for the greenway will cost $225,000.

Construction of the greenway is expected to begin in the spring of 2016 and be completed by early 2017. The project will need final approval from the Raleigh City Council.

The trail construction will be completed at the same time as a stream restoration and enhancement project.

Segments of a stream close to the Rosengarten Greenway have been cluttered with debris over the years, while others have been buried underground, Milam said.

Planners will consider directing some parts of the stream above ground, a process known as daylighting, as well as work to enhance the overall quality of the stream.

Honeycutt Creek Greenway

The city is set to unveil on Tuesday 5.6 miles of trail that will link Shelley Lake and Falls Lake.

The $4 million Honeycutt Creek Greenway includes the Honeycutt Creek Trail and a section of the East Fork Mine Creek Trail.

The greenway begins with a connection to the existing East Fork Mine Creek Trail at Longstreet Drive, runs under Interstate 540 and through Honeycutt Park, and ends at the Mountains-to-Sea Trail at the Falls Lake Recreation Area adjacent to Raven Ridge Road.

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Raleigh planners are seeking residents’ input as they design the Rosengarten Greenway. Contact Todd Milam by April 2 at 919-996-4798 or