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Wake Forest residents worry about early plans for car dealership

Some Wake Forest residents are worried a large car dealership would cause traffic problems in their neighborhood.

Bobby Murray Chevrolet is interested in building a dealership near the intersection of Capital Boulevard and Burlington Mills Road. Lacy Reaves, an attorney for the company, is getting input from residents before filing a rezoning request through the town.

The Wake Forest Board of Commissioners will consider annexing the property at a meeting Tuesday.

Some people who live in the Shearon Farms neighborhood have already expressed concerns about the project.

“It will destroy the neighborhood to have car carrier trailers plowing through our neighborhood,” Alcino Lopes posted on a Wake Forest community Facebook group.

A letter to residents in Shearon Farms says the developer will ask the town of Wake Forest to annex the property, which would make it a part of the town’s tax base and allow other benefits, like access to utilities.

The business would help Wake Forest strengthen its revenue base, said town commissioner Jim Thompson, who lives in Shearon Farms.

“The fact that (Bobby Murray is) willing to leave downtown (Raleigh) and move his dealership to Wake Forest, I think that says a lot of the community,” he said.

Bobby Murray Chevrolet opened in 1966 in Raleigh.

Representatives from the company did not return calls for comment.

Most residents don’t seem opposed to the dealership coming to Wake Forest, Lopes said.

“We want the business here, we want the jobs here, we want the people to have the opportunity to be employed right next door if they choose,” he said. “It’s the access that’s the problem.”

But Thompson said some residents are not convinced that the good would outweigh the traffic issue.

“I think if we’re talking about noise and traffic coming through the neighborhood, it becomes less attractive,” said Shearon Farms resident Jerry Dangler.

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