Smithfield Herald

News Briefs: June 23

Smithfield paving residential streets

The Town of Smithfield is in the midst of its spring sreet-paving program. The following streets will get new asphalt:

Sixth Street – from East Lee to East Rose Street.

Vermont Street – from West Sanders Street to West Bingham Street.

Wellons Street – from South Vermont Street to South Crescent Drive.

Fourth Street – from North Street to Hospital Road.

Sixth Street – from East Dundee Street to Mill Street.

Rose Street – from South Fourth Street to South Fifth Street.

Sussex Drive – from Canterbury Road to the cul-de-sac.

Hillcrest Drive – from Sunset Avenue to the dead-end.

Hillcrest Drive – from Sunset Avenue to Sunset Avenue.

Stephenson Drive – from Barbour Road to Old Farm Road.

West Street – from Second Avenue to North Avenue.

Front Street – from Bridge Street to the dead-end.

Maplewood Drive – from South Crescent Drive to Chestnut Drive.

Chestnut Drive – from Maplewood Drive to West Wellons Street.

West Street – from Midway Street to dead-end.

Longview Drive – from Park Avenue to Hillside Drive.