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Four Oaks leader faces domestic assault charge

A Four Oaks commissioner was arrested hours after a town board meeting and charged with hitting his wife.

Christopher Gregory Haley, 58, of Meadow Hills Drive, faces a misdemeanor charge of domestic assault following his arrest at 1:40 a.m. June 9, according to reports. His wife, Patricia Ann Haley, reported that he hit her in the left arm and shoulder several times with a closed fist.

In addition to the criminal charge, officers served Chris Haley with a restraining order filed by his wife. In the complaint, Patricia said she was having an argument with her husband when he began hitting her.

“This is not the first time he has hit me, but this is the first time I have called law enforcement and taken action,” she wrote.

Patricia Haley also wrote that her husband controls all aspects of their household and that he often raises his voice without regard to her 15-year-old daughter’s presence.

“I constantly walk around making sure my words are carefully spoken because the smallest thing sets off an argument,” she wrote. “When the conversation doesn’t go his way, Chris likes to raise his fists or hand.”

The restraining order forbids Chris Haley from coming within 100 feet of his wife, or from visiting her workplace or residence, reports state. He is also forbidden from possessing, receiving or purchasing a firearm for the duration of the order. His concealed-handgun license is revoked for the same period.

Chris Haley may not contact his wife except through an attorney. That includes by telephone, email, pager, gift-giving and fax machine.

For the criminal charge, the court placed Chris Haley under a $1,000 bond. He was released later on June 9 using a surety appearance bond from Alicia’s Bail Bonds of Smithfield.

As a condition of his release, Chris Haley agreed to restrictions similar to those of the restraining order .

Chris Haley works for Lassiter Livestock of Four Oaks and has served on the Four Oaks Board of Commissioners since December 2011. His term expires in November.

Chris and Patricia Haley had a hearing Friday to determine whether the restraining order will remain in effect. The outcome of that hearing was available in time for this edition of the paper.

Chris Haley is scheduled to appear in District Court on July 6.

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