Smithfield Herald

JCC history teacher to seek Selma seat

Eric E. Jackson has announced that he will seek a seat on the Selma Town Council in the November election. He ran unsuccessfully in 2013.

Jackson teaches history at Johnston Community College. He is a member of the Selma Development Partnership and a former member of the Selma Appearance Commission and Selma Historic Properties Commission. Those community roles “have given me insight into how Selma can best be governed,” he said.

“I think a fresh pair of eyes are needed in Town Hall,” Jackson added. “This is not a slur on the present council, but every few years, some fresh ideas and perspectives are needed.”

If elected, Jackson said he would prod the council not to rely on costly consultants for every project the town undertakes. “We pay or town administrators and department heads good salaries, and there are four council members and a mayor,” he said. “We should rely on our judgment and the expertise of the staff and not pay taxpayer money to outside consultants.”

Selma needs to act boldly on downtown, Jackson said. “I propose a public-private partnership to get help get business downtown,” he said.

Jackson said he would also bring back Selma’s Citizens Advisory Committee. Such committees, he said, “provide input from citizens and give the town staff and elected officials perspective at the ground level. They are helpful indicators of what is going on at the neighborhood level.”

Jackson called for transparency in Selma government. “The people have a right to know, and as a council member, my first duty is to make sure the citizens of Selma are informed,” he said. “If a citizen wants to see where his tax dollars are going, the information should be provided.”

A 10-year resident of Selma, Jackson holds a bachelor’s degree English and communications from Campbell University. He received his master’s degree in history from N.C. State University.

To learn more about the candidate, email him at or call 919-333-0670. He’s on Facebook at Eric Jackson for Selma Town Council.