Smithfield: Obituaries

Dr. Overa S. Stevens

Pastor Stevens we tried to keep you here; we didn’t want you to go.

We felt there was more you could teach us more we needed to know.

But Jesus lovingly said release her children; her work on earth is done.

She kept the faith, she fought a good fight, the victory she won.

We resolve to live holy as you told us that we must. We will never forget your teachings; how you

would always say

Children keep living holy; for holiness is the way. That, no matter how heavy the burden or heavy the load, Keep walking up the kings highway, stay in the middle of the road.

That when it comes to faith in God; there should never be a “But”

To plant your feet on the kings highway; hold your head up and strut.

We had to watch you fly away, into the

glorious hereafter.

Strut in Glory; we love you and we will see you in the rapture.