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Your Letters: School board needs new ideas, passions

Our schools can do better

In reading the editorial “Wealth plays role in doctor recruitment” in the Oct. 12 edition, I took note of the opening paragraph, where the writer stated, “Johnston County would appear to have much going for it: affordable housing, at least compared to many of our neighbors in the Triangle; schools that are good, though not great ...”

I immediately thought, that is exactly why I’m running for the Johnston County Board of Education: We’re OK, but we can be so much better, because, as the editorial suggests, we have something special here in Johnston County. So, why should we accept the status quo? We shouldn’t.

The Johnston County Board of Education consists of seven members, three of whom are up for re-election this year. Two of the incumbents have already been on the board for four consecutive terms, or 16 years. Although I appreciate the concept of longevity, I do believe there is a time when the torch should be passed on to new ideas, thoughts and passions for education.

I believe Johnston County can do better than our Wake County neighbors, and we, as a county community, can and must do better; our futures and those of our children depend on it.

Kurt Bienias

Candidate, Johnston County Board of Education