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Vote on the issues, not the distractions

An election I’m already tired of has seen politicians, families, friends and groups of people turning on each other.

There are issues we need to focus on. The individual candidates’ personal shortcomings should be of little interest to anyone and are meant to distract and detract from the issues.

One such distraction is the taping of Donald Trump’s voice in a locker room-type setting. As a military veteran and career police officer, I’ve heard far worse from both males and females. And none were publicly attacked for their words.

Who among us hasn’t said or done something that we haven’t regretted? Maybe no one else knows about it, but we do. We are all flawed.

In the biblical parable, some people are about to stone a woman to death near a well. But Jesus comes to her defense, saying, “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Needless to say, no one threw a stone. Believe me, I can’t throw a stone.

As Americans, we have are the right and privilege to vote for whom we want. My vote is as good as the vote of any media commentator, sports personality or Hollywood actor. Your vote counts for the person you wish and against the other person, but use it.

We need a better economy, jobs, better national security and to be respected again by the world. These are the issues. Vote on the issues, think for yourself and don’t be swayed by distractions or media bias.

That’s my two cents on this election.

Jim Davenport


Storm response earns her praise

As a lifetime citizen of Smithfield, I am more than delighted to say bravo, kudos and thank you to the leaders and employees of Johnston County Emergency Services, the Smithfield Fire Department, Smithfield Police Department and the Johnston County Sheriff’s Office for their efforts to keep everyone informed and advised of safety precautions during and after Matthew Hurricane.

Each day, citizens received telephone calls reminding us to stay indoors and to take other precautions for our safety. Never before have I witnessed such great concern for the well-being and safety of everyone. Several days after the storm had passed, we received door-to-door house visits to check on the condition and needs of the occupants. The sincerity of the first responders was beyond belief and expectations.

I also commend the mayors, town officials and shelter managers for their visionary preparation for protection of the citizens of Smithfield and Johnston County during a turbulent time. On behalf of all of us who live in Johnston County, I extend our sincerest “thank you” for a job well done.

Carolyn G. Ennis


Respite-care program earns high marks

I am the father and caregiver for my 63-year-old daughter, who has been blind since age 2 and is also developmentally handicapped. She has attended the Adult Respite Care Program at First Baptist Church in Smithfield for several years.

The program has sessions every Monday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. As a caregiver, I appreciate the four hours of freedom I have to do my various chores, like grocery shopping, haircuts, etc. Plus, I am able to join the other senior citizens who gather at the Amen Corner at McDonald’s. The time also offers my daughter the opportunity to associate with others and be supervised by very dedicated and talented staff and volunteers. It’s a toss-up who gets the most out of this wonderful program.

You might wonder why I am writing this letters, the first I have ever written to any newspaper. I am at a complete loss why more people are not taking advantage of such a wonderful opportunity. Certainly there must be other caregivers who could use the break that both my daughter and I cherish. If you are interested, all you have to do is contact First Baptist Church in Smithfield for additional information. They will warmly welcome you with their hearts and talents, as they have us.

Don DeLaPorte