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Your Letters: A dialogue continues

In accord on Dominionism

I would like to thank Ned Walsh for his gracious response to my letter. Christian Dominionism, by Mr. Walsh’s definition, should have no place in our government. I agree.

I agree also that church and state should be separate and that one should not dominate the other. However, statements from the pulpit should be allowed within the context of preserving morality and upholding the highest values among government leaders.

As to Allah being one of the names of God, it is a stretch, to say the least, that Abraham worshiped such a deity. We know from the Bible that Abraham worshiped the true God, that God made a covenant with Abraham, but it was not until the time of Moses that God revealed his true name.

In Exodus 3:14, in reply to Moses’ inquiry, God revealed his name as “I Am.” This is the English interpretation of the Hebrew Jehovah or Jaweh. This event took place at a time subsequent to the time of Abraham. Therefore, it was God’s final word as to his identity (at least until Jesus Christ came on the scene). And I choose to believe him.

Paul Olsen