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Championship runs highlight season

West Johnston captured the Greater Neuse River 4A Conference boys golf championship.
West Johnston captured the Greater Neuse River 4A Conference boys golf championship.

The Greater Neuse River 4A conference wrapped up its spring season with a pair of state championships in Southeast Raleigh’s girls’ and Knightdale’s boys’ track and field teams, and West Johnston’s softball squad went to the eastern regional championship.

The conference, which loses Smithfield-Selma as a member this fall, announced its all-conference teams, players of the year and coaches of the year. The league also honors a member of each school’s team in every sport with a sportsmanship award. All individual honors are voted on by each sport’s coaches in the league.


Champion: Garner

Pitcher of the Year: Brighton Hudson (Garner)

Player of the Year: Justin Carroll (West Johnston)

Coach of the Year: Derik Goffena (Garner)

All-Conference Team: Dylon Alexander (Knightdale), Tripp Atkinson (West Johnston), Carrington Austin (Garner), Justin Carroll (West Johnston), Brett Clark (Clayton), Nathan Driver (Smithfield-Selma), Jake Ellington (Garner), Michael Haddix (Clayton), Cole Hart (Harnett Central), Chris Hellriegel (Knightdale), Cole Hinnant (Clayton), Brighton Hudson (Garner), Logan Jones (East Wake), Trevor Lee (Garner), Sam May (Clayton), Tyson Messer (Harnett Central), Coley Mizell (East Wake), Adam Morrison (West Johnston), Blake Nance (Harnett Central), Jack Sherrill (West Johnston), Kyle Spear (Southeast Raleigh), Taylor Stephens (Garner), Skyler Strickland (Garner), Adonis Williams (Knightdale)

Sportsmanship Awards: Brett Bailey (Clayton), Walter Dunn (West Johnston), Stone Gulley (Garner), Aldarius Parker (Smithfield-Selma), Bryan Parker (East Wake), Randall Ray (Southeast Raleigh), Trey Wall (Knightdale), Nate Wester (Harnett Central)

Boys’ Golf

Champion: West Johnston

Player of the Year: Scott Freeman (West Johnston)

Coach of the Year: Allen Bunch (West Johnston)

All-Conference Team: Matteo Ceyrolles (Garner), David Chavis (West Johnston), Brice Connors (West Johnston), Matt Darroch (Harnett Central), Taylor Doering (Clayton), Scott Freeman (West Johnston), Zach Freeman (Harnett Central), Kyle Gilman (Garner), Reid Hooks (Clayton), Brendon Johnson (Harnett Central), Matt King (Clayton), Ben Lancombe (West Johnston), Alex Molgaard (Harnett Central), Michael Otteson (Garner), Alex Owens (Clayton), Justin Smith (Knightdale)

Sportsmanship Awards: Parrish Baker (Harnett Central), Will Creech (Smithfield-Selma), Trevor Daeke (Garner), Ben Lacombe (West Johnston), Jack Olson (Southeast), Adam Sauls (East Wake), Shawn Simpson (Knightdale), Lee Smith (Clayton)

Boys’ Track and Field

Champion: Southeast Raleigh

Player of the Year: Kimani Hoffman (Knightdale)

Coach of the Year: Robert T. Williams (Southeast Raleigh)

All-Conference Team: Ryan Adams (Southeast Raleigh), Corey Aikens (Knightdale), Jake Betancourt (West Johnston), James Branch (Southeast Raleigh), Xavier Carter (West Johnston), Sandy Chapman (Southeast), David Conner (Southeast), D’Mitri Desvarieux (Smithfield-Selma), Joseph Eason (Smithfield-Selma), Bernard Freeman (Knightdale), Jesse Freeman (Harnett Central), Ced Harris (Clayton), Nyhiem Hines (Garner), Kimani Hoffman (Knightdale), Marvin Horton (Knightdale), Rashie Jacobs (Knightdale), Micheal Jenkins (Garner), Marcell Johnson (Knightdale), Marquavious Johnson (Knightdale), Dante Jones (Southeast), Henry Keidy (Knightdale), Charles Malloy (Harnett Central), Sam Marsh (East Wake), Fred McDuffie (Southeast), Justin Morris (Southeast), Drake Parker (Harnett Central), Damontay Rhem (East Wake), Jayquan Williams (Southeast Raleigh), Robert Williams (Southeast Raleigh)

Sportsmanship Awards: Evan Anderson (Clayton), Paulino Antonio (Smithfield-Selma), Jamie Brown (Knightdale), Kyle Christ (West Johnston), Bryon Clifford (Harnett Central), Christian Grubbs (Southeast Raleigh), Charleston High (East Wake), Juwan Manley (Garner)

Girls’ Soccer

Champion: West Johnston

Defensive Players of the Year: Kelsey Grady (Clayton) and Megan Champion (Knightdale)

Offensive Player of the Year: Rachel Thomas (West Johnston)

Coach of the Year: Ken Sweat (West Johnston)

All-Conference Team: Bayleigh Adams (Garner), Emilie Alioto (Clayton), Anna Benedyk (Harnett Central), Heather Biddle (West Johnston), Megan Champion (Knightdale), Arianna Coles (Southeast), Madison Covey (West Johnston), Morgan Daughtry (West Johnston), Halie Emanuels (Smithfield-Selma), Andrea Enterline (East Wake), Lauren Ferrell (Knightdale), Mackenzie Garrett (East Wake), Kelsey Grady (Clayton), Jenny Herrera (Smithfield-Selma), Somer Jones (Harnett Central), Brittany LaRussa (Knightdale), Holly Lopez (Knightdale), Rebecca Meshaw (West Johnston), Samantha Mitchell (Garner), Elizabeth Pittman (Garner), Kristin Power (West Johnston), Allison Powers (West Johnston), Ashley Sainz (Clayton), Rachel Thomas (West Johnston), Abigail Sargent (Knightdale), Kayli Watson (Clayton), Morgan Wiggs (Knightdale), Claudia Woznichak (Clayton), Michaela Wycoff (Garner)

Sportsmanship Awards: Tori Ellsworth (Garner), Christina Lee (Smithfield-Selma), Sarah Rebbeor (Clayton), Emily Rentz (West Johnston), Mercedez Sanderson (East Wake), Sara Snotherly (Knightdale), Megan Stewart (Harnett Central), Emily Williams (Southeast)

Girls’ Tennis

Champion: Clayton

Player of the Year: Klein Evans (Clayton)

Coach of the Year: Jackson Glasgow (East Wake)

All-Conference Team: Brayan Abarca (Knightdale), Ian Bliss (Clayton), Brooks Campbell (Clayton), Will Clement (East Wake), Taylor Cline (Clayton), Klein Evans (Clayton), Naren Guha (Clayton), Cliff Johnson (Smithfield-Selma), Chase Jones (East Wake), Marcus Juarez (West Johnston), Evan Hall (Garner), Zachary Heath (East Wake), Ethan Mitchell (Garner), Jacob Motley (West Johnston), Ben Powell (Harnett Central), Collin Simpson (Garner), Patrick Snow (Southeast Raleigh), Brandon Whitley (East Wake)

Sportsmanship Awards: Lane Adams (East Wake), Blake Atkinson (Southeast Raleigh), Evan Clack (Harnett Central), Christopher George (Smithfield Selma), Joseph Graham (Garner), Ryne Turner (West Johnston), Alex VanDyke (Knightdale), Terell Wilkins (Clayton)

Girls’ Track and Field

Champion: Southeast Raleigh

Player of the Year: Shakinah Brooks (Southeast Raleigh)

Coach of the Year: Elizabeth Gary (Southeast)

All-Conference Team: Jasmin Allen (Southeast), Kaelin Amaya (Clayton), Brittney Anderson (Southeast), Maya Banks (Harnett Central), Amara Bell (Southeast), Shankinah Brooks (Southeast), Hassana Clark (Southeast), LaCharie Clarke (Garner), Jasmine Dawson (West Johnston), Kristen Duncan (Clayton), Hannah Dunston (Knightdale), Alexus Gray (Southeast Raleigh), Sharmani Hall (Southeast Raleigh), Jacklyn Howell (Southeast Raleigh), Charity Lackey (Southeast), Kaylie Lloyd (Southeast), Becca Meshaw (West Johnston), Ashley Morris (East Wake), Tametris Morrison (Southeast), Samara Perry (Southeast), Terri Strickland (West Johnston), Niasha Theet (Smithfield-Selma), Brittany Williams (Southeast), Alexis Williamson (Southeast)

Sportsmanship Awards: Montana Dare (Garner), Deiara Frye (Knightdale), Itzel Gonzalez (Harnett Central), Lauren Hermane (West Johnston), Anyka Joseph (East Wake), Charity Lackey (Southeast Raleigh), Celeste Loia (Smithfield-Selma), Katherine Riley (Clayton)


Champion: Garner

Pitcher of the Year: Nicole Bond (Clayton)

Player of the Year: Megan Gibbons (West Johnston)

Coach of the Year: Moe Barbour (Garner)

All-Conference Team: Anna Bain (Harnett Central), Shea Barbour (Garner), Nicole Bond (Clayton), Kelsey Bryan (Garner), Kenan Bunn (East Wake), Megan Gibbons (West Johnston), Christina Gower (West Johnston), Jenna Harris (Clayton), Lindsey Hodge (Clayton), Mackenzie Johnson (Knightdale), Brooke Kamphuis (Garner), Lauren Marbrey (Garner), Ashlee Miller (East Wake), Lauren Miller (East Wake), Rachel Moore (Smithfield-Selma), Danielle Myers (West Johnston), Kayla North (Clayton), Mindy North (Clayton), Josie Sargent (Knightdale), Madison Stewart (Garner), Natalie Stewart (Harnett Central), Katie Thomas (Southeast), Rachel Willis (West Johnston)

Sportsmanship Awards: Abby Durham (Clayton), Erica Holmes (Harnett Central), Christina Jarman (Smithfield-Selma), Sadiyya Ingawa (Southeast), Bridgett Kirkland (Garner), Amber Lyon (West Johnston), Jasmine McAbee (East Wake), Amanda Rohrer (Knightdale)