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Timothy Hancock: Careful planning

Careful planning

The tone and implications of an article last month in The News & Observer about growth in Apex were troubling. The overall tenor was that “rural residents” were resisting inevitable change that the article implies can only be favorable.

The article’s labeling of the New Hill community as “blue collar” reflects the reporter’s bias about people. What is wrong with blue collar? Besides, New Hill, and its neighboring Friendship community, are actually richly diverse, with a mix of ethnicities, economic classes, professions and life stages, also with some beautiful horse farms, woods, wildlife and historic sites. The article appears to be championing displacing this tapestry of humanity, nature and rural culture with the bland homogeneity of a “bedroom community” (with “cabanas ... and more,” the article promises).

It also appears to have chastised the Apex Town Council for “delaying” development by not granting approval immediately. The council has the responsibility to ensure that development is carefully planned and balanced to enhance quality of life and preserve important characteristics of affected neighborhoods – not an easy job.

The council should be applauded for taking the time it needs to integrate neighboring community concerns into its planning process.

Dr. Timothy Hancock

New Hill