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Norman Singer: Ask children how they feel about school reassignment

Ask children about school assignment

I can understand why some parents would be upset over the Oct. 19 article in the Cary News, “Draft School Plan Angers Parents.” It is a definite inconvenience for some children to have to travel out of their comfort zones, in terms of time and effort and new travel arrangements, but also, and more importantly, it disrupts the student’s equilibrium.

Teenagers are easily set into a routine in which they become comfortable with their circle of friends, and changing schools can offset a child’s emotional status easily. It is difficult to make new friends and adjust to new teachers and settings. Some children can, but most cannot. It can thus, affect the learning bar, and make students a little less eager to learn, and rather to backslide.

So, let us look at the welfare of the children and their learning curve and do what is best for them, and then make decisions about school reassignments. Why don’t we ask the children how they feel, and base our decisions on their input, as well?

Norman Singer