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Lois Dziedzic: A need for limits in Cary

A need for limits

I moved here nine years ago, and Cary was better then. The residents of Cary didn’t re-elect the previous mayor because of the growth that was going on at the time. High House Road and Davis Drive projects were slated to happen. The project went ahead, and the traffic is now horrific. Publix has opened, causing more traffic. Lately I’ve felt that traffic is as bad as living in a big city.

Yet this council will continue to keep building townhomes and apartments instead of single family homes. This type of building crowds the roads and schools. Why doesn’t this council mandate impact fees from these developers to help with the infrastructure when these developments are approved? Sometimes when we’re driving, we have to bypass our destination because we can’t make a turn onto our shortest route.

We are not an artsy town. Leave that to Asheville. Have you noticed the amount of money spent on these ugly statues around town? Even the new direction signs that were just installed are ugly. Where is all of this money coming from to put up these statues? The town should not be in the business of theater or house remodeling either. Our tax money should be spent wisely, and it’s not.

I understand you can’t stop growth, and some of it is necessary, but we need limits. High density buildings aren’t the answer. How about improving the roads in order to handle the traffic, especially around Cary Parkway and Kildaire Farm Road?

Lois Dziedzic