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Weekes: A lack of trust in Cary

Why there’s a lack of trust

Welcome to your tour of Bradford prison. We apologize for the mess but we do not have the guard towers or fencing with razor wire up yet.

Not to worry though. The Cary Town Council should be approving this very soon. Amazing, but this thing called Bradford is the most drab, boring, monstrosity ever constructed. This thing is absolutely a sore thumb in a great community.

I will pile on with the editorial response regarding the new directional signs. Have you looked at these ugly monsters on N.C. 55 and another one on High House road? Do we as citizens of Cary get no input to placement of these ugly signs?

I have attended a number of Town of Cary Council meetings where the mayor and council members are amazed by the lack of trust expressed by citizens of the Town of Cary. The Bradford and those ugly directional signs are why citizens of Cary do not trust the Town Council.

Greg Weekes