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Linda Hunt Williams: Coal regulations are misguided

Coal regulations are misguided

Only a concerted outcry from business leaders, elected officials and average citizens offers any chance to halt implementation of new EPA regulations for new power plants that would begin to end coal-fired electricity generation across America.

Such a massive change in the power generation picture would have a huge impact here in North Carolina. The coal industry employs more than 9,000 people in our state, and more than half of our power is generated by burning coal.

A public comment period for the regulations extends until March 10. During these next few weeks, it is critical for North Carolinians to demand that the EPA acknowledge the important role coal, our most abundant domestic energy source, can continue to play in America’s economy in the decades ahead.

Neither North Carolina nor the nation can afford the higher electricity prices that almost certainly will come when utilities are forced to use natural gas and other fuels that have demonstrated less price stability than coal. Now is the time to speak up against these misguided regulations.

Linda Hunt Williams

Holly Springs

Hunt Williams serves on the Holly Springs Town Council.