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Beth Gorman: Grateful for growth

Grateful for growth

Regarding the Feb. 25 News & Observer article “Pittsboro wants details on Chatham Park”: I was born in Chatham County and graduated in 1970 from Pittsboro High School. The town has not changed during the past 44 years, and it is time for it to grow and improve the downtown area and the county.

Chatham County and Pittsboro management need to work closely with Jim Goodnight’s group to make sure that the town is incorporated into the project as a centerpiece and not just an afterthought. This is going to happen, so Pittsboro needs to make sure the town and county are part of the process now.

Growth is needed, and with growth come jobs and tax dollars to help the county and its residents. Time to embrace change and be grateful for the people and jobs this new venture will bring to Chatham County.

Beth Gorman