Southwest Wake: Sports

Scholar-athlete: Carly Catella of Panther Creek

Carly Catella

Panther Creek, Senior

Academics: 5.07 GPA on a 4.0 scale with extra credit for advanced courses.

Athletics: Placed second in the NCHSAA 4A championships in the 500-yard freestyle in 2013 and was 11th in 2014.

College: Expected to swim at Penn.

Academic course with an impact: “AP Chemistry because it let me know what I wanted to study in college. I enjoyed learning about things you can’t see. There are things that exist that you can’t prove.”

Pet: “A dog that thinks it is a cat. Coco is a Keeshond and doesn’t want to go for a walk, doesn’t want to play.”

Add to Mount Rushmore: Franklin D. Roosevelt.

A book that had an impact on me was: “ ‘Catch-22’ (by Joseph Heller). It has a backward structure. Things don’t always go the way you think that they should. The book was completely different.”

I was fascinated to learn: “About my family history. We are Irish with ties to South Africa.”

A friend always: “Listens. They listen to you no matter what you say, and they are not afraid of what they say.”

Listens to: “Alternative rock because the lyrics seem to be more meaningful to me than pop rock.”

A person who had a big impact (nonrelative): “Was my U.S. History teacher, Mr. Barry Merrill. He posed questions and asked us to make connections between events. He wanted us to interpret facts, not just learn them.”

What I’ve learned from swimming: “Swimming has impacted me very positively. I’ve had to learn time management. I’ve met some of my best friends in swimming. Swimming has helped my confidence.”

My last B grade was in: “Freshman English. I learned I just wasn’t prepared for high school English.”