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Scholar-athlete: Colby Lalicker, Apex lacrosse

Colby Lalicker

Apex, lacrosse, senior

Academics: 3.98 overall grade point average with extra credit for advanced courses.

Athletics: Four-year letterman in lacrosse; lettered in cross country as a senior.

Book with an impact : “Spirit of the Stick” (by Neil Duffy) because it talks about great lacrosse players that have sacrificed their lives serving our nation’s military. This means a great deal to me with how I will be joining the military after college and shows how hard work is everything.

Person who has impacted my life : Apex High lacrosse coach John Hayden. He’s helped me with so much through the years with everything from keeping me on task in the classroom to preparing me to play college lacrosse.

Ideal guest list: Travis Pastrana, Josef Ajram, Winston Churchill

Add to Mt. Rushmore : President John F. Kennedy due to his work with desegregation and his work on foreign policy. He paid the ultimate sacrifice but should always be remembered for his contributions to the country.

I wish I could have been there : For the 1980 Miracle on Ice (ice hockey) victory by the United States over Russia in the Winter Olympics. This victory immediately brought the entire country together and was truly more than just a hockey game during tough times.

Best U.S. president : President Lincoln. He had will power to never stop fighting for what he believed in. He fought to abolish slavery and went through many obstacles including the delayed end of the war to assure the freedom of all men and women.

A friend is always : There for you during your good times and your worst. He is there to motivate you to be better and to tell you when you’re going down a bad path.

Success is: Achieving any goal, big or small. Life is a series of achievements and failures. It is how you look past your failures to accomplish your goals that determines your success.