Durham County

Police say victims fought back and subdued robber in Durham incident

Two robbery victims, one shot in the hand during a struggle, turned the tables on an armed robber early Sunday, tied him up with shoelaces and held him until police arrived, Durham police said.

They charged Kenneth Chavis, 33, of Durham with armed robbery, assault, kidnapping and burglary and had him taken to Duke University Hospital for treatment of injuries to his head and hand from the struggle with the two victim’s, police spokeswoman Kammie Michael said.

Police found Chavis being held in the parking lot of apartments at 2112 Broad St. when they answered a call about a robbery and shooting at the building about 5 a.m., Michael said.

As the victims, whose names were not disclosed, recounted events to investigators, one was going to his car in the parking lot when a car pulled up and the driver robbed him at gunpoint.

The second victim was going outside to smoke a cigarette when Chavis saw him and forced both men into the smoker’s apartment, police said.

The victims turned on Chavis, and his gun went off during the struggle, hitting his and one victim’s hands, the report said. Chavis also had a knife and cut the man’s hand, but the victim still was able to get the gun, the police account said.

The fight spilled back outside, the victim hit Chavis on the head with the gun, and the two men subdued him, according to police.

The victim who was hurt was taken to a hospital for treatment of his injuries, Michael said.

Chavis was taken from the hospital to the Durham County Jail and was held in lieu of $900,000 bail pending a court appearance Monday.

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