Durham County

Downtown Durham residents divided on parking proposition

The city transportation office has come up with a proposition for charging downtown residents to park their cars in public spaces, starting Jan. 1 at a cut rate and phasing increases to what everybody else has to pay over two years.

Surface-lot non-reserved monthly charges start at $20 and rise to $55; parking deck charges start at $25 and go up to $65. Many downtown residents have been parking free ever since they moved in, some more than 20 years ago.

The proposition comes for City Council comment this afternoon, but downtown residents are already weighing in. Condo owner Marcia McNally took an email poll of 75 downtown residents after she got the figures Tuesday.

•  17 said they were OK with the proposition;

• 17 said they were not OK;

• 7 responded with “something else.”

One can only imagine what “something else” might be.

Staff writer Jim Wise