Wake County

Wake Forest water and sewer rates to fall

Residents will soon pay lower water and sewer rates as the town finishes paying off the costs related to the merger with the Raleigh Public Utilities Department nine years ago.

The average customer should see savings of $8 to $15 per month starting Dec. 1, according to the town. They will pay the same rates as customers in Raleigh, Rolesville and Garner.

Non-residential customers with meters larger than five-eighths of an inch could see an increase in their monthly bill because of an administration fee in the Raleigh rate schedule that is based on meter size.

Wake Forest and five other Wake towns merged their water and sewer systems with Raleigh starting in 2001 to guarantee access to the city’s water supply and to eventually pay the city’s lower rates.

But first the towns needed to pay off the costs of the mergers, so rates remained higher.

The Raleigh Public Utilities Department has a rate calculator on its website that let’s customers estimate their water and sewer costs based on their monthly consumption and meter size. A link to the calculator is provided on the town’s website: www.wakeforestnc.gov/water.aspx.