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Black NC State student’s car trashed

Elliot G. Holliday is a junior at N.C. State University. He’s 20, from Durham and studies physics. After hanging out with friends on campus Sunday night, he walked back to his car and found it covered in trash.

He said he’s afraid he might have been targeted because of his race.

Holliday posted photos of his trashed car on Facebook and wrote about how the vandalism upset him. But upon closer inspection, the type of trash left on his car was even more upsetting.

A box of Popeye’s fried chicken, a bottle of chocolate milk, an afro pick (still in its packaging) and an open bag of Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal.

“I am trying my best not to play the racism card, but whoever did this is making it incredibly difficult,” Holliday, an African American, wrote. “The combination of the afro pick, chocolate milk, and the box of chicken scream that this was racially motivated.”

Holliday’s post had been shared nearly 200 times by Monday evening. It had nearly 450 reactions and about 70 comments.

Holliday said in a comment to his post that he reported the incident to campus police. He said that’s how he learned that the parking lot his car was in – near Wolf Village Apartments at N.C. State, did not have security cameras. He said he wouldn’t be ignored by the university.

“I will scream about this so loudly God will tell me to lower my voice,” he wrote. “You will listen when I speak, you will hear what I have to say, and you will take the appropriate course of action necessary to handle events like this.”

The incident happened two days after President Donald Trump’s inauguration and Holliday linked the two events.

“With the assumption that this was racially motivated and using context clues that a racist individual has just been sworn in to the office of POTUS, let me make one thing specifically clear. I don't care what he thinks or what he claims about racism, it is WRONG, it is DISRESPECTFUL, and I will fight it until Hell freezes over and then continue to fight on the ice,” he wrote.

Holliday told The Huffington Post that he hoped “some stupid college kid making ignorant decisions” trashed his car.

“I don’t want to believe that this was racially motivated ... However, I can’t ignore the fact that that there was a box of chicken and an Afro pick placed on my car in a vandalizing manner … I hope this isn’t racist, but I don’t want to ignore the fact that it could be.”

Maj. David Kelly told The Huffington Post that Holliday did file a report with the university’s police department, but because there was no indication that a crime was committed, such as damaged property or assault, it’s just a “university information report” for now. But the department still is investigating, along with NCSU’s Bias Incident and Response Team.

Kelly said there was no indication that Holliday’s incident was linked to the election, and there had been no other complaints about other similar incidents since the November election.

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