Wake County

Raleigh police seek a name for man found dead in May

Police detectives have been unable to identify a man whose remains were found in a wooded area off West Millbrook Road last month, and they are reaching out to the public in hopes of putting a name to him.

The man probably was 50 years old or older, 5-foot-8 or 9 and probably white, medical examiners told police.

The man was found in an area that looked like it might have been an encampment off the 3400 block of the road, several blocks northeast of Glenwood Avenue, police spokesman Jim Sughrue said.

The man probably had been dead for several months when he was found May 19, authorities said at the time. There was no sign of foul play, they reported.

Detectives want to put a name to the man so they can notify next of kin of his death, Sughrue said.

Anyone with any information was asked to call police at 919-834-HELP (4357)