Wake County

Police focus more on Ligon Middle School after vandalism

Police and Wake County sheriff's deputies maintained an increased presence around Ligon GT Magnet Middle School on Wednesday in response to vandalism at the start of a week that also brought what a school system spokeswoman called a "playground rumor" about a child.

Recent vandalism prompted Wake County Public School System security officials to ask for more law enforcement to be visible around the school at 706 E. Lenoir St. this week, district Communications Director Lisa Luten said Wednesday.

Then, during the week, what Luten referred to as “an old-fashioned, word-of-mouth rumor” that involved a student at the school was being passed among students, she said.

Principal Gretta Dula issued a phone message to Ligon parents to encourage them to talk with their children about the harm of spreading rumors and to give them “an extra sense or security” that officials knew about the problem, Luten said.

Unlike threats or rumors that often are spread on social media, the Ligon case involved students talking direct;y to students, Luten said.

Luten did not disclose what the rumor said about the student.

The police department said officers had found some broken windows at the school Sunday evening.