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Where are they now? Raleigh’s retro Pizza Huts live on

The Pizza Hut on Hillsborough Street will be closing this summer, according to its landlord. That’s not much of a surprise – both Hillsborough Street and Pizza Hut franchises are forever in flux.

It is, however, a perfectly good excuse to ask a stupid question: What has become of the weird, trapezoid-roofed buildings that once housed the pizza Raleigh loved and/or tolerated?

The fate of these buildings really is a fascination for some people. The blog Used to Be a Pizza Hut keeps a crowd-sourced map of used-to-be-a-Pizza-Hut buildings (UTBAPHs, for short) across the world, including a handful in Raleigh.

Maybe it’s a longing for distinctive architecture in the strip-mall sea. Maybe it’s childhood nostalgia. While Yelp lists least two dozen Pizza Hut restaurants in the Wake County area, the old-school design is increasingly rare. Even the Hillsborough Street store is crammed into a plain shopping center slot.

Browse through the gallery attached to this post for a retrospective of some of Raleigh’s retro Pizza Huts. If you know of another, leave a comment.

The images and addresses of the stores were compiled from the Used to Be a Pizza Hut blog and Wake County property records. As it turns out, the Pizza Hut on Peace Street took a cultural turn, becoming a Starbucks with a nice wood bar. One of its companions went turncoat and became a Little Ceasars.

Pizza Hut’s regional office, by the way, hasn’t yet commented on the reported closing of its Hillsborough Street store.