Raleigh Report

Raleigh launches crowdsourced bike rack program

Raleigh transportation officials want help in figuring out where to put new bike racks.

On Monday, the city launched a crowdsourcing effort through the SeeClickFix troubleshooting website. That’s the site where residents can complain about potholes and other city problems and get answers.

Now the site will help bicyclists in the most democratic way possible – allowing voters to determine where the racks will go.

So far, the Moore Square Parking Deck on South Wilmington Street is in the lead with 23 votes. The North Person Street business district is in second place with 12 votes, while requests for Cameron Village, Natty Greene’s on Jones Street and the Player’s Retreat on Oberlin Road are looking for more support.

The process is also drawing a few participants who don’t think the city should provide bike racks at all.

The city isn’t asking for donations for these bike racks; they’re already funded and will go up next year. But in the future, Raleigh is working on crowdfunding for folks who want fancier bike racks than the city’s standard issue. Donations could pay for the upgrade.

To cast your vote, go to seeclickfix.com/raleigh, click on “report an issue” and “pick bike rack location”